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Passchendaele Suite 1996 [click for larger image]
No Masters NMCD10 1996

Passchendaele Suite
Panta Rhei, Coope, Boyes & Simpson
No Masters NMCD10 1996
From the award winning series of Peace Concerts albums

Lay Me Low
trad/John Tams

Lay me low, lay me low, lay me low

Where no-one can see me

Where no-one can find me

Where no-one can hurt me


Show me the way, help me to say

All that I need to

All that I needed you gave me

All that I wanted you made me

When I stumbled you saved me


Lay me low...


Throw me a line, help me to find

Something to cling to

When the loneliness haunts me

When the bitterness taunts me

When the emptiness eats me.


Lay me low

1. Dodendans

2. The Land of the Long White Cloud

3. Een Schip

4. Ao Tea Roa

5. Robin's Song

6. Lay Me Low

7. The Bloody Fields of Flanders

8. Still in the Night

9. Ein Schottische Tanz

10. (Mad Old, Sad Old) Shuffling Jack

11. Tyne Cot at Night/
      I Want to go Home

12.  Largo

13. The New Jerusalem

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