From The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs

Folk This
It All Comes Round Again
John Tams
The Reckoning
Muckram Wakes
A Map Of Derbyshire
The Red Lion
A Bit Of A Song And Dance
New Victory Band
One More Dance And Then
Kate Rusby
Salisbury Folk
From The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs
The Old Hat Concert Party
Sunday 13th May 1969
Seth Lakeman
Kitty Jay
Kitty Jay Lyrics
Freedom Fields
Freedom Fields Lyrics
The White Hare
The New St. George
The Hard Times Of Old England
Prince Heathen
Frost And Fire
Bright Phoebus
History and Companion
Morning Way
Polly On The Shore
Western Approaches
Damien Barber and The Demon Barbers
The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
Cropredy's Like That
The Garden of Jane Delawney
Nic Jones
Penguin Eggs
The Noah's Ark Trap
Bandoggs: The Record
Shirley Collins
Anthems In Eden
Shelagh McDonald
Music From The Unbroken Circle
Glastonbury Carol
Mr Fox
Mr. Fox : The Album
Tiny Tin Lady
The Sound of Requiem
martha tilston
Moseley Folk Festival 2006
Moseley Folk Festival 2006: The Folks
Countrylife II
The Falmouth Packet / Haul Away Joe
The Setting / Mary From Dungloe
From Clare To Here
A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Coope, Boyes & Simpson
Christmas Truce / Kerstbestand 1914
Passchendaele Suite
A Garland of Carols
Fire and Sleet and Candlelight
Anne Briggs
Anne Briggs : Sing A Song For You
Welcome to Our Fair Plus
Make it Folky!
A Place Called England
Ragged Heroes
Dancing at Whitsun
The Lark In The Morning
Thomas The Rhymer
Carthy and Swarbrick
What Time Is It Eccles?

The Liner Notes

Linda Adams: vocals; English concertina
John Bowden: vocals; Anglo concertina
Martin Carthy: vocals; guitar
Roy Harris: vocals
Jez Lowe: vocals; guitar; cittern; harmonica;
Appalachian dulcimer; keyboards

The Songs

When the project was first mooted a few years ago and discussed with A.L.Lloyd the subject of notes to the songs came up. " I would probably only repeat what I'd put in the book," he replied. With that in mind we refer you to the extensive notes in the book and here, merely, list the sources:

When I Was Young
from Mrs. Moore, High Haworth, County Durham;
noted in 1920 by W.G. Whittaker

Goal Song
from W. Davy, Beaminster, Dorset;
noted in 1906 by H.E.D. Hammond.

The Whale Catchers
from Henry Hill, Lodsworth, Sussex;
noted in 1900 by W.P. Merrick

The Young and Single Sailor
from Mr. Burridge, Capel, Surrey;
noted in 1908 by RVW

The False Bride
from Elizabeth Mogg, Holford, Somerset;
noted in 1904 by Cecil Sharp.

Ratcliffe Highway
from Mrs Lynn, Kings Lynn, Norfolk;
noted in 1905 by RVW.

The Grey Cock
from Mrs Cecilia Costello, Birmingham
recorded in 1951 by
Marie Slocombe and Pat Shuldham-Shaw

The Basket of Eggs
from Henry Burstow, Horsham, Sussex;
noted in 1903 by RVW

One Night as I lay on my bed
from Mrs. Russell, Upwey, Dorset;
noted in 1907 by H.E.D Hammond

The Banks of Green Willow
from Mrs. Overd, Langport, Somerset;
noted in 1904 by Cecil Sharp.

All things are quite silent
from Ted Bains, Lower Beeding, Sussex;
noted in 1904 by RVW

The Banks of Newfoundland
from John Farr, Gwithian, Cornwall;
noted in 1926 by J.E. Thomas

all tracks arranged individually and
collectively by the artists.
recorded and produced by Paul Adams, April 1985

Sleeve illustration: 'The Dancing Bear'
W.F. Witherington.
reproduced by permission of the
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Photographs: Ralph Vaughan Williams
by Ross Wagner
reproduced by kind permission of
Mrs. R. Vaughan Williams
A.L. Lloyd by Brian Shuel

Notes: Roy Palmer
Artwork: Mary Blood

Penguin Book [click for larger image]
Fellside FE047 1985

side 1.

When I Was Young
Jez: vocal; dulcimer.
Martin: guitar
Linda: concertina

Goal Song
Roy: vocals.
Martin: guitar

The Whale Catchers
Martin: vocal; guitar

Young and Single Sailor
Linda: vocal
Jez: guitar; dulcimer

The False Bride
John: vocal; concertina
Martin: guitar

Ratcliffe Highway
Roy: vocal
John: concertina
Jez: cittern
Martin: guitar

side 2.

The Grey Cock
Jez: vocal; guitar; keyboards
Linda: harmony vocal

Basket of Eggs
Linda: vocal
John: concertina
Jez: cittern

One Night As I Lay On My Bed
Roy: vocal

The Banks of Green Willow
Martin: vocal; guitar
Jez: harmonicas

All Things Are Quite Silent
Linda: vocals

The Banks of Newfoundland
John: vocal; concertina
Martin: guitar
Jez:  cittern
Chorus: Jez; Martin; Roy; Paul Adams

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